What is the meaning of Associate Degree in 2019?

Upon completion of course, usually with a duration of 1-2 years, an undergraduate academic degree is awarded by colleges & universities globally which is called the associate degree. This degree is considered to be at a higher post that the high school. In UK in 1873, first degree of such kind was awarded post which it spread to US in 1938. Associate degree has spread to the world lately.


In 2004, Australian Qualification Framework added the “Associate Degree”. The title was given to bachelor & diploma level courses.


In British Columbia, provincial qualification in arts and sciences are offered as associate degrees. Similar to US Associate degree, but consisting of a 2 year course & allowing admission into 3rd year with bachelors degree.

 Associate degrees are not offered by other provinces but offer other types of bachelor degrees for example one year diploma, 2 year certificate etc.

United States

Associate degrees in the united states of America, can be earned in 2 years or sometimes even more at some universities, colleges, vocational institutes etc. Associate degree is earned by any student by completing 2 years.